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How Statism Leads to War

Mises’ work explains how laissez-faire economies have incentives to be peaceful with each other, and how, inversely, tariffs and protectionism create isolation, instability, and war. His words are especially prescient today as conflicts rage and tensions between superpowers continue to rise—mirroring the rise in state power across the globe.

Dr. Jonathan Newman joins Bob to break down the history of warfare, how states fund war, and why war is more destructive in the modern era.

Dr. Newman’s Article on the History of Warfare:
Dr. Murphy on Private Military Defense:
‘Free Trade vs. Protectionism’ MisesU 2023 Lecture:
Bob and Jonathan’s Talks from the Mises Circle in Fort Myers:


Human Action Podcast listeners can get a free copy of Per Bylund’s How to Think About the Economy:

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