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New Defending Globalization Content: Cryptocurrency and Food

Scott Lincicome

Today we’ve published two new essays for Cato’s Defending Globalization project:

Money Across Borders: How Cryptocurrency Has Opened Global Exchange, by Nicholas Anthony, explains that cryptocurrencies have opened new opportunities for people across the world to move money across borders in an ever‐​increasingly globalized economy.
Food Globalization Puts the World on Your Plate, by Scott Lincicome and Sophia Bagley, shows that globalization is not just about trade agreements and container ships—in fact, there may be no better symbol of real globalization than the restaurant down the street.

These essays join the other seventeen that have already been published. This content—plus other multimedia features—can all be found on the main Defending Globalization project page.

Make sure to check it all out and stay tuned for future releases.

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